2D & 3D Floor Plans

2D floor plans can be in gray scale and in color. Floors plan drawings represent objects or elements in 2 dimensions. Hence every element i.e. stair, column, fixtures, doors, windows, spaces and other attributes in this 2D drawing appears flat. Architects and Engineers use these drawings for obtaining an overall idea of a designed building or a room. A person who creates floor plan 2D drawings is called a CAD Technician. 2D CAD plans can be created using AutoCAD software, Turbo CAD, Smart draw, Revit etc. Architectural CAD Drafting Services usually encompasses 2D CAD plans in its service range.

In the 3D plan, a virtual 3D model is created from the 2D plan drawing. This 3D model provides a top view to viewers and helps viewers in getting a better understanding of the architectural plans. This 3D model does not contain a ceiling so it presents a 3D view of the floor accurately and assists Architects as well as Engineers in acquiring full architectural visualization of the floor efficiently.

Creating a floorplan has never been easier

Need a floorplan? Floorplanner makes it super simple to create an accurate drawing in 2D. Your plan is automatically at the correct scale so you can simply drag doors, windows and even furniture into your plan to see what will fit and what will not. Click on 3D to see your plan from every angle and make great looking 2D and 3D images with just a few clicks to share your work with others.

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